Inexpensive Hauling Services In Victoria BC!

We provide the best and most affordable junk removal service in Victoria BC! Whether it's old furniture, appliances, construction, compost or waste, we're here for you!

We will do all the loading and the clean up, as any good junk removal service should always do. Just as with our moving services, our goal with providing junk removal is to do so without any stress or inconvenience on your part. We will arrive when you need us, we will do the job correctly and efficiently, and we will always make sure that there is nothing left behind for you to deal with once the job has been completed. At We Haul Cheap LTD, we always guarantee a pleasant experience. All it requires is a phone call (250) 800-3606 and a brief description on what we're hauling. Based on the volume we will give you a quote. Our eco-friendly junk removal service started out as a special favour we would do for our customers, as it was a popular request, but it evolved into one of the core services within our business. Now we are proud to be able to call ourselves one of the best junk removal company in addition to being one of the best moving companies in Victoria BC. When you move into your new home, sometimes a fresh start is ideal. You don't want your twenty year old beat up couch, it just doesn't fit, you just wanna get rid of it! That's why we're here. We can always provide a professional and efficient removal service regardless of what it is you need taken away. With any one of our moving services we give you our word that a smile will be put on your face!